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Women's Ministry

Our women's program offers special events and services specific to women's needs. This women-led group is a place for all women in our church and community to develop their skills and abilities and realize their God-given purpose. This ministry is geared toward service while providing a safe and supportive environment for women to grow in their relationship with Christ and fellowship with each other. In addition to service projects, we offer support services, scholarships, and training programs for for women. Our upcoming events can be found on our Events calendar.

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Health Ministry

A ministry of healing by which people can be restored to wholeness, our health program provides education, nutrition guidance, blood sugar and blood pressure testing, and many other benefits. Whole-person care addresses the four dimensions of wholistic health: mental, physical, spiritual, and social. The four foundational principles which guide our philosophy are: 1) Inspiration - We study the Word as a guide to making wise choices in every area of life and health. 2) Evidence - We respect evidence-based health science which stands up to the rigors of careful examination and analysis according to accepted scientific principles. 3) Balance - We are deeply committed to physical, mental, social, and spiritual balance to support health, happiness, and healing. 4) Relationships - Cultivating positive relationships with God, family members, friends, and community members will play a significant role in our personal health, productivity, and ability to help others. See our schedule below for upcoming health events or check out our Events calendar.

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Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry provides trainings, retreats and other enrichmentc events to help men grow in their commitment to God, family, and faith. We are dedicated to supporting the men of our church and community in following Christ and His example of manhood and service. The men's Sabbath school class focuses on biblical virtues that every man can cultivate in his life. The men's retreat held each year is a life-changing experience filled with special bible study and prayer focus, trust-building activities, and adventures in God's nature. This ministry provides opportunities for men to find fellowship among their peers while they are seeking to fulfill their potential in their walk with God. Check below for upcoming events or visit our Events calendar.

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